Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fashion in Brasil

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This lady is 60 years young!

First let me say, that this particular Blog entry is aimed at women. Men can read, of course, but mostly women will get what I'm saying. (Honestly, I don't think the men will get much past the pictures.)

Women in Brasil, no matter what age, are comfortable in their bodies, and love to show them off. And I have first-hand knowledge that indeed, Brasil has some of the most beautiful women in the world. So what do you do when you are average looking, overweight, and self-conscious? Laugh it off. Seriously, there is not anything else you can do. In Brasil, these things are nothing to get upset over. Men in Brasil are quite forgiving I've found. They love women of all shapes and sizes. And would much rather have a fat, happy wife, instead of a grumpy wife with a flawless body. At least that's my rationalization.

Ok, now, show of hands, after looking at the pictures shown on this post, how many of you, are headed straight to the gym, or for a walk around the block? How many of you ditched the bowl of bon-bons you had sitting next to the computer ? Don't bother, cause let me tell you, it's just not in our DNA to look that way. Brasilian women are born with an extra beauty gene.

So what does any of this have to do with fashion in Brasil you ask? Pu-lenty. I noticed something when I returned to America after two years in Brasil--American women don't like to show their assets. Better yet, if American women do show their assets, they are written up on the internet like tramps. If you haven't noticed it, take a look next time at some of the news items coming out about what actresses wear on the red carpet and the comments...too much cleavage, skirt too short, slit too high on her thigh, cut all the way down her back, etc. In Brasil, these are normal modes of dress in everyday life, including in the workplace. I have honestly wondered how Brasilian men get anything done when they work closely with women. Rarely will you see a Brasilian woman dressed in anything dressier than a low-cut top and a pair of jeans in an office, unless she, herself, decides not to dress that way. The country has absolutely no dress code, whatsoever. Oh, and shoes-- Brasilian women LOVE high heels. They wear them with just about anything. And in the winter, high-heeled boots. Pointy-toed high heels are the footwear staple everywhere you go.

I guess all this points to just one thing. Brasilian women know sexy. They get it from an early age and they hone the skill of sexy all their lives. We have no choice but to admire them because quite frankly, we cannot ever begin to compete with something that beautiful that comes that naturally. But hey, there are plenty of other things that make a woman attractive to a man. I, personally, have really been working on my cooking skills.

I may just come up with a few cooking tips for my readers as well.

Till then, Ciao!