Friday, March 25, 2011

If I Close My Eyes and Listen to the Birds Outside…

In my mind I’m back in the beautiful country of Brasil, high on a hillside, sitting at our little party area, having a beer and just realizing that dreams can come true. Every special moment in my life has not gone unnoticed.

When we finished building our pool and churrascaria, I remember sitting there one day, sunlight sparkling on the pond, watching the carp jump around in the water…I looked around and gave thanks for just how lucky I was at that moment. The day was remarkable, not a cloud in the sky, which was also perfect…a robin’s egg blue. The view was to die for, and the pool, while it was still too chilly to swim, was inviting me to dip my toe in and make use of it.

Later that day, we grilled steaks and we chatted about life, what we were going to do next and I remember being just about as happy as a person could get. Sure, it was about what we’d built, but more importantly, it was about doing it together. It was a common goal that we’d attained.

We didn’t stay there long, unfortunately, because jobs are hard to come by in Brasil and even harder to come by when all you’re doing is sitting up on top of a hill enjoying nature. So, it was back to reality we went, but not before I snapped one or two photos to share with friends.

Até a próxima vez (till next time)