Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rain in Southern Brasil

When I first decided I wanted to move to Southern Brasil, I was assured that it didn't rain that much down there. I'm not pointing any fingers, but that information proved to be wrong. Quite wrong. But it's my own fault really. I must have been asleep in geography class the day we were discussing the attributes of a rain forest. "Rain" being the operative word. Southern Brasil is smack dab in the middle of that country's second largest rain forest, The Mata Atlantica, or Atlantic Forest.

I got to thinking about it I guess because where I'm living now, in central Texas, we celebrate a rainy day. Everything is so dry. But with the dry comes more sunshine and that suits me just fine.

Anyway, just wanted to point that out to you. Southern Brasil rainy, very rainy. Texas dry. That's all I got.

Til Later, Tchau!