Friday, July 10, 2009


Toucans are pretty plentiful in Southern Brasil. When we were living high up in the hills, we would see toucans fly from tree to tree. We'd leave a branch of bananas on a stump for them to eat from.

Contrary to what everyone thinks, or at least what I used to think, that Toucans are responsible for that sound in the jungle in movies that goes something like "ara ara ara," toucans actually make a weird clicking sound and when they fly, they make a loud noise like "eeehnt." Suffice it to say, their sound is not quite as pretty as their appearance.

It was really great to watch these birds in their native habitat, instead of in a zoo. As I mentioned in a past blog entry, Brasilians like their birds, and toucanos (toucans) are no exception. They can be tamed and make fun pets, but personally, I'm fine with just watching them from a distance enjoying their natural homes.