Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Treats in Brasil

Check out the cute video today!

Oh my gosh, I’ve been remiss! Desculpe (I’m sorry). I’m sure you’ve all had your eyes glued to the computer screen waiting for my next great blog, huh? Keeping with the theme of ways to think cool in the summertime, I thought I’d talk about a couple of food items Brasilians adore during their summer months of November through March.

First of all, they can’t get enough coco gelado (cold coconut water). They take it either from a straw that is placed in a hole drilled in the coconut, or by drilling the hole in the top of the coconut and pouring the coconut “milk” into a glass. Most Brasilians, though, choose the first option, as it is a novelty to drink the juice right from the coconut. There are special machines you can buy to drill the hole either automatically or manually, or as in the video, hand tools you can use. Some Brasilians still just use a machete to get to the juice. And most Brasilians will open the coconut after draining the juice to get at the coconut meat.

The other summertime favorite is sorvete (ice cream). Some things are the same around the world. In Brasil, you can get a soft-serve cone from just about any vendor outside a supermercado (grocery store) or panificadora (bakery), or you can go to a sorveteria (ice cream parlor) and serve yourself. You are charged por kilo (by the kilo). You can choose from small cones, waffle cones, or dishes from which to enjoy your favorite flavors. The only thing that is different about ice cream in Brasil is the toppings Brasilians use. Oh sure, they like the usual nuts and sprinkles and chocolate candies; however, the most sought after item in the toppings department has to be gummy anything. The funniest thing I’ve seen them put on top of their ice cream is gummy dentures. They actually are quite yummy.

Oh, word about the pictures this time…can you spot the one that best describes a Brasilian woman’s favorite desert in the summertime?

Til later, Tchau!

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