Friday, July 3, 2009

Family Barbeques in Brasil

Since this is the 4th of July weekend, I thought I'd write about barbeque in Brasil. Almost every home in Brasil has some sort of churrasqueira (shure-has-kay-rrah) barbeque area either attached to to the home or built adjacent to the home as a free-standing structure. I couldn't miss the opportunity to show you the beautiful churrasquira and pool we built when living in Brasil. These are also called area de lazer (area dee laze-ear), which are areas of leisure or recreation. Barbeque is the center around which all celebrations revolve. Well, barbeque and beer, of course.

American free-standing barbeque grills do exist in Brasil but they are very rare. The closest thing to them are little green barrels (like oil barrels) stood on the side with a top opening and a grill plate inside. Charcoal is used with these grills. We had one and I loved it. They even make little aluminum stands to keep it up off the ground. However, most Brasilians make sure there is enough in the budget when building a home to include either an outdoor stone oven or a churrasqueira.

All this talk about churrasco (bbq) is making me hungry. I'll write more tomorrow...

Til then Tchau!

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