Friday, March 26, 2010

Had a Wonderful Trip to Southern Brasil

Being a permanent resident of Brasil is nice. There’s something about pulling out your Receita Federal I.D. Card and showing it to anyone who asks that makes you feel even more a part of the whole Brasilian living experience. However, the visa is another matter. To keep it current, if you are not presently residing in Brasil, you must travel back to Brasil at least every other year. But I’m not complaining. If it weren’t for this little bit of bureaucratic red tape, I might not get to see my friends and family there so often.

And so it was with the latest trip back just this month. The trip was enjoyable, even though my husband and I both suffered with terrible colds. We saw our friends, we spent quality time with family and we finally got around to seeing Iguacu Falls.  Attached are a few photos for you to see the splendor that we were fortunate enough to witness first hand

I have offered many times to take friends and family to Southern Brasil to see for themselves what a wonderful place it is, to experience the warmth and friendliness of the people. I know money is tight for many and it is a bit of a hassle arranging for a visa, etc., but honestly, if you save your pennies and you really have a desire to go to Brasil, then it is within your reach.

I’m not saying this because I’m prejudiced, although I truly am, but I know firsthand how close death can be, and I now live my life not worrying how I can afford something, but knowing that if I want something bad enough, the money has a way of just showing up. And a trip to Brasil I know is on many a friends’ wish list. Just say the word, folks, and we’ll find a way together to let you experience what I will never be able to get enough of.

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